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Extraordinary times call for ordinary measures

These past couple of weeks have been crazy, from staying at home to disinfecting when we leave the house. This virus has us all trying to figure out a way to survive, and ultimately thrive, when life returns to normal.

I recently did a Facebook live post, talking about this. But, if you are like me, you would prefer to read it, so here it is.

What have you been doing this week to improve your business?

-Send something to everyone. Check in with your couples. See how they are doing and, if their wedding is taking place within the next couple of months, ask if they plan to go forward with their date. Send them some wedding ideas. For example, if you are a DJ, send them some first dance song ideas, or as an Officiant, send them some unity ritual ideas.

-Do what you can to help other vendors. Maybe write them a review, or re-post something interesting they posted on their social media sites.

-Waive change fees for your couples that reschedule, as long as they reschedule this calendar year. (Next year is going to be insanely busy for this industry!)

-If the wedding is moving forward in the next couple of months, how will you do your part as a vendor to keep everyone safe? For me, that's not sharing the microphone for vows and asking via announcements before the ceremony to keep your distance between guests. Maybe the ceremony can be moved outdoors to encourage even more distancing.

-Reduce expenses while maintaining advertising. People are sitting at home, researching and dreaming about their weddings. Don't cancel your ads in places that have worked for you in the past.

- As a vendor, consider adding an incentive to those that book now to get a bit of income coming in during this time. Maybe it's an album for a Photographer, or additional meetings as an Officiant to chat more about their ceremony.

What resources have you found to educate yourself?

I have been vigilant about finding industry-related podcasts, Facebook live events and professional books. AlanBerg.com/resources has an excellent list of professional books that will fill some time chillin' on the couch. Perhaps do some research and learn more about the venues in your area, as well as vendors that provide services in your area, so that, when the time comes, you will be able to speak about other vendors and give referrals. Continue business training online. Or, like me, begin setting up an in-home office (I'm really procrastinating this one!)

What can you do NOW?

-Stay visible. Don't shrink into the shadows, then expect to be top-of-mind for referrals when couples start booking again.

-View your online and social presence to ensure they are in YOUR voice. Edit your wording to make it sound more like you and your business.

- Review your contracts and questionnaires. Again, edit them to sound more like YOU.

-Consider offering payment plans for couples affecting by the economy, or accepting less of a down payment

Social Media Presence

-Post inspirational posts

-Post reviews

-Post some of your favorite things from past weddings and talk about what you loved about them

-Show couples what you are capable of. If you make a super adorable cake made of toilet paper, SHOW us!

-Couples want to be inspired. They want to look at a picture and imagine themselves

-What are you doing at home? Humanize yourself

-Network with other vendors. Tag them on posts from previous weddings

-Make fun videos (educational for couples, or fun)


-Increase your SEO by adding keywords, photos with descriptions and sign up for Google Business


-Are you answering these questions on your website: Who are you? Where are you? What do you do? What do you want couples to do?

Hope that helps! We will move past this! So, grab an informative book, curl up on the couch, and enjoy some light reading. :)

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