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5 Reasons to have a drive-in theater wedding

With social distancing measures in place, engaged couples are exploring ceremony ideas that are outside of the traditional means.

That's why drive-in movie theaters are a GREAT solution to social distancing wedding gatherings. You can still invite your friends and family to physically witness your wedding ceremony, to cry with you during the vows and be present for your first kiss as husband and wife.

Skyvu Drive-in in Warren, MN

1. It meets all the social distancing guidelines.

Drive-in movie theaters are the original social distancing group activity. Everyone gets to enjoy the event from the comfort of their own vehicle. Grandparents, parents, friends and family will be able to attend your wedding ceremony in person, AND, imagine the excitement you will feel as a hundred car horns honk during your first kiss together.

The Long Drive-in in Long Praire, MN

2. It's creative and unique.

Modern couples are looking for new and exciting ways to get married. Why not dress up a platform with flowers and greenery? Why not hang wedding-themed snack bags on every car audio system? Why not have a drive through receiving line?

Imagine your wedding announcement here. (Skyvu Drive-in)

3. The food is simple and cheap.

Maybe you want to provide guests with a wedding-themed snack bag of goodies when they pull up to their parking space. Or maybe a local taco truck can provide guests with a taco plate for a full course Mexican meal. A catering company could provide meals to guests by going car to car with a plated meal. The possibilities are endless! Plus, it makes clean-up even easier.

Vali-hi Drive-in, Lake Elmo, MN

4. The price.

You can't beat the price of renting a drive-in movie theater for an afternoon wedding ceremony. The theaters don't usually open until just before dark, so you wouldn't need to compete with any previously booked events. All you need is an officiant (like Officiant Amber!), your marriage license and some witnesses (in some areas.) You would also have the option of hiring a DJ to play music for guests rolling in, decorations for the ceremony spot and a photographer and/or videographer to capture your fun, unique wedding. You could even hire a fancy car in which to make your grand entrance. Maybe you and your entourage stay to enjoy a movie after your wedding?

5. It's simple and fun

You can't get much more fun and simple than a drive-in movie theater wedding. You get to have your friends and family in attendance for your fun, unique wedding and don't have to spend a fortune. Plan to hold a reception at a later date, if you still want to have a bigger party down the road.

Ready to "roll?" Here's a link to drive-in theaters by location.

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